Monday, June 22, 2009

Featured Local Artists in Our Gallery Suites

We have four Gallery Suites, three of which (so far) house local artists work.

Gallery Suite One features the work of Rachel Z.

Raised in the mountains of Durango, completing her college education at CU Boulder, Rachel has made a series of paintings specifically for Queen Anne patrons and enthusiasts by salvaging reclaimed pieces of wooden cupboards and boards using found paint!

Gallery Suite Two features the work of Sandi Calistro.

A tattoo artist by trade, Sandi resides in Denver and continues to make breathtaking pieces of artwork on and off peoples bodies. The Victorian-esque stylistic quality of her work sits perfectly on the walls at the Queen Anne.

Gallery Suite Four houses the work of Luke Bender.

Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, Luke has an extensive background in anything film/video/photography related. After spending a minute or two steeped in the Lawrence, Kansas art scene, he's back in Denver doing what he does best!

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